Edeltraud and Mike M., 2012

Carol Murray is an exceptional realtor because she has integrity along with skill and in-depth knowledge about the area. She goes out of her way to help her clients like myself and my husband – she even took calls and e-mails from us while she was on vacation. She is very flexible and very timely on all her dealings with us and our needs as clients. We have nothing but great things to say about her and would encourage anyone looking for a realtor to choose Carol Murray as their agent.

Bill and Kim S., Dec. 2012

Carol is one of the most professional, hard working people we know. Our recent real estate purchase transaction became one of the most complex, drawn out experiences of our life. It was a short sale, that devolved into a bank owned property. There were many actors (banks, owners, title companies etc.) and there were many setbacks and unforeseen problems that took us over a year to negotiate! It was Carol’s steady hand and dogged determination that kept us focused on what we wanted. Her positive attitude and tenacity to overcome all of the obstacles were central to making our new home a reality. We can recommend without any hesitation Carol as an honest, grounded and faithful advocate for anyone. You may find another agent that you like as well, but none will perform better. Carol became not only our trusted advisor, but also a dear friend.

Ann W., Jan. 2013

Carol was recommended by a friend, for which I will always be grateful. Throughout the marketing/sale/escrow of my home, she was not only a capable and efficient professional, she was also a support and a counselor, and a source of information and contacts whenever I needed them (sometimes before I realised I needed them!) An outstanding realtor.

Tom and Sue O., Jan. 2013

Carol was a pleasure to work with during our real estate purchase. She was professional in every way possible. We look forward to working with her in the future

Laura R., Sept. 2012

We love the Sierra-Plumas area and have owned land for years to ultimately build our retirement house on. But with the volatile housing market we were faced with doing a “buy vs build” analysis. Suprisingly, build costs per square foot have not really dropped from the peak, but instead the best contractors were available in months rather than years. To discover that the minute you’d finish your dream house, it wouldn’t be worth the cost to build, was very disappointing. It was at this point that Carol came in to our lives. The thought of buying someone else’s house (rather than building our own) and then having to put time and more money in to a remodel, was a horrible thought. No house was going to be “our” house and I just couldn’t settle on something “almost”. Carol spent well over 18 months working with us, viewing no less than 25 homes in that time, all over the area. We had our list of “must haves” vs “compromises” and she kept track of them all along the way, and even helped us to discover new ones. She was always upbeat, even as I was micro-managing the process or when the day of showings was a bust. But Carol’s true strength wasn’t really known until last November when we found the “house”. That negotiation was tricky and lengthy, and in the end, fell through. But it was in the midst of that deal, that Carol found “our house”. Carol made us keep an open mind, even in the throes of emotion (which this process is). She never backed off or gave up and because of that, we now own a great house, which needs minimal updating, with 99% of everything we would have built, and got it at a great price. She is fair and honest and treats everyone in the process with respect: a true professional who loves what she does, and it shows. We are so happy with the outcome and excited about ultimately moving to the area full time. But the best part is now counting Carol and her family as “neighbors” and “friends”. I would recommend Carol wholeheartedly and without hesitation to handle any real estate transaction you might be in need of.

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