Muncel and Anita

Carol Murray has been our real estate agent for two properties here in Portola, CA. In late 2009 she represented us in the purchase of our home and was our agent again in late 2010 for the purchase of a undeveloped lot. Carol was efficient and effective in both transactions. The key to our relationship has been rooted in her attitude and dedication toward her job. In both transactions, we ran into several minor problems and although they seemed larger to us than they were, Carol never let us think that these could not be solved in a timely fashion. She never left us out on a limb or on our own; she always took the position of being in the front line of any situation and bearing the brunt of anything that came along. As she puts it, “That’s my job.” And regardless of day of the week or time of day, everything was always addressed immediately. Carol knows her business and that knowledge ranges from personal interactions to the most recent legal requirements. She provides guidance and advice based upon legal and honest research. She’ll let you know what is and isn’t in your best interest. To have an agent who is straight forward, pleasant, and trustworthy is a real blessing. She is a good friend in whom one feels comfortable with a very high level of confidence. We would not hesitate to recommend her without reservations to anyone seeking a top-notch real estate agent. She is the BEST.


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