Ben J., 3 Transactions

When I bought my house, it was during the peak of the Real Estate “Boom”. At the time It was looking like I would never own my own home due to the prices going sky high. As all these lending institutions tried to talk me into getting a multi million dollar loans I knew better than to go beyond my means. It wasnt looking good, I just could not find a house that had the pre-requisites I was looking for. Then came Carol who was persistent about showing me this house. When i first saw it It was a llittle smaller than what I was looking for but Carol reminded me that I have the power of visualization. Once my vision of the yard and house came to me I realized it was perfect and the price was in my arena (plus it had a Garage and a wood stove). Carol was the most professional Real estate Agent I had ever worked with and her sense of humor blows the roof off! She was so fun working with I wanted to go buy another one. So in a nut shell, I believe if it weren’t for Carol Murray, I would probably have ended up in some muddy water had she not guided me on my first home purchase. She means business and can definitely sell a house or act as the purchasing agent with great success. I give Carol Murray five stars…..absolutely recommend her.


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