About Carol

Forget the clock….Live the moment. Live life, don’t let life live you. Great tag lines, but what do they really mean. Plumas County is an oasis; an oasis from the doll drums of city life. From the stresses we all take on and learn to “live with”, cope with, let take control of our lives. Plumas County… A place to relax your mind and body; to begin anew,refreshed, cleansed.

Or better yet, Plumas County is a place to relocate, retire, rejuvenate….permanently. Perhaps just a summer place will satisfy….for now.

This is why I moved back to the area in 1998 after college and the workload and stresses of Corporate America. Originally moving here in 1975, as a sophomore in high school, I thought my parents were crazy back then. Why the mountains? Why me? What was so wrong with the “big city”? After all, we lived in a neighborhood with sidewalks, speeding cars and for that matter speeding people, always in a hurry to get somewhere….and fast.

Once you have experienced this “hidden gem”, it is engrained in your memory, hard to shake, never forgotten. I knew why I moved back here now. Thanks to my parents, whom still live here (this reminds me to thank them again), this area has become my home! Raising my family here, having the opportunity to meet newcomers and show them why this “gem” is so special to me.

My love of this area goes way beyond the majestic mountain peaks, the clear lakes and streams, picture perfect meadows, wildflowers galore, and more. It’s simply the people that have lived here for years and the folks that have moved here to take it all in; to understand why others have lived here for years.

I could do a self promotion here and tell you about my sales and marketing background with a heavy concentration on unparalleled customer service for 25+ years, my professional approach to assisting clients in their real estate goals, both in selling and in buying, my firm belief in internet research and marketing, as well as my own high expectations and drive. However, all that you need to know is that I will work hard for you, going above and beyond to meet your real estate objectives.

With this very consuming business being my full-time career, finding time to relax and rejuvenate, especially during the spring through fall months, can be a challenge. When I do get some free time, I enjoy hiking, swimming, fishing, golfing and just plain hanging out at one of the many lakes with my family. At home I enjoy cooking, reading and planning the next family vacation.

My husband and I have been married for 23 years. He too is a transplant from the Bay Area, works for a technology firm in Reno, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. We have two children, two dogs, a rabbit and ten acres without a horse (my daughter keeps reminding me). I am a volunteer in the schools as Assembly Coordinator for the PTA, in the classroom one morning each week as well as a volunteer at the local animal rescue.

We are firmly planted here in Plumas County. Let me help you become planted here too!